New Photo blog!

Amanda Zarifah Photographer

Today I am super proud to share with you that I have launched my personal photography blog –

I have always had a passion with photography, having taken courses in Cégep and University. When I was at Bishops University in Lennoxville, QC I had joined the photography club. Being part of that club gained me almost unlimited access to a small darkroom on campus. I still remember the vinegary smell in the air, the lighting, the metal furniture, I loved every bit of it. I remember spending hours in there, developing film and printing portraits of whoever I could get to model for me, campus bands, and friends. I think that my parents still have my university portfolios at home, I will have to dig it up one day to share.

Since University my photography drive dwindled as I didn’t have access to a darkroom and my life had gotten busy with work, marriage and starting a family. I had convinced myself that my point and shoot was enough.

When Lauren was born I captured thousands of photo’s with my iPhone. I loved the convenience but the pictures were never comparable to what can be captured with a proper camera. At 10 months of age, Lauren was diagnosed with a fatal disease, it was crushing – every picture and every memory became so much more important.

I was lucky enough to have offers from two very talented photographers who offered to shoot our family and baby girl after hearing about our story. Melanie Wand took photo’s for us in Montreal and Jenn Munro captured Lauren in Stephen’s hometown of Belleville, On.

Both took such beautiful photo’s, that it sparked something in me. I missed photography so much! But the world had changed to digital and I didn’t know where to start.

Finally, almost two years after Lauren had been photographed by Jenn Munro, I turned to her to ask her where I should start. I wanted to buy a camera and start taking photo’s again. As luck would have it, Jenn was selling her camera as she had just upgraded. Her Canon T3i was the perfect entry camera for me, and even more special it was the same camera that she had used to photograph our Lauren. Being so special, I had to have that camera.

Today, I’ve completed several on-line classes, read up on hundreds of different tutorials and have learned how to use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, my new darkroom.

I am proud of my work and can’t wait for you to see my new blog. It’s a little sparse right now, but I plan to update it a little bit each day. If you have any feedback, please feel free to email me


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