A week of Vegan – Recipe Roundup – WE Feb 22 2014

Well another week has gone by, and it’s time to share what I have been up to in my kitchen this week. There was a lot more snacking and experimenting going on this week, my husband was away on business so the drive to prepare dinner every night dwindled a little.


Sunday Night
We spent our Sunday evening with friends, we snacked on salads, veggie platters, and some out of this world homemade candied popcorn. Note to self – Start making popcorn at home again 🙂

Monday Night

Chickpeas and Rice by jkworth on Food.com

The Chickpeas in this dish are so yummy! I am starting to realize though that chickpeas are just simply delicious fried on the pan. (actually, they are delicious prepared any way)

I paired this rice dish with Samosa’s that my mother in law had brought over for dinner, it went together pretty well.

Recipe notes: This is not a vegan recipe per se, but with a few simple substitutions it still came together well. I ignored the 2 Tbs of butter and upped the olive oil just slightly. I left out the 1/3 cup of parmesan cheese and instead added a sprinkle of sea salt and Nutritional Yeast.

Tuesday Night

Homemade Rice Milk from DontWastetheCrumbs.com

My husband had left for town that morning and we had a bunch of leftovers in the fridge 🙂 So that was my dinner on Tuesday night.

I did try my hand at making Rice Milk though. Funny story…I don’t like store bought rice milk, so I guess it was shouldn’t have been a surprise that I didn’t love this milk. I have trouble understanding the health benefits of rice milk beyond it being good for those that suffer of allergies to nuts and dairy. Making it at home means that it isn’t fortified with any extras (vitamins, etc). Which might not be a bad thing according to the link with the recipe. Nut and Soy milks carry more benefits (I think) so I will stick with those for now.

I do have to say that this recipe tasted better than any store-bought version that I had tried in the past. It was also pretty simple to put together which I loved.

Recipe Notes: I added 1.5 tsp of Agave Nectar to my milk and 1 tsp of Vanilla to this recipe

Wednesday Night

Black Bean Rice Bowl by Canadian Living

This was a hit! It took 15 minutes to prepare and will be a definite repeat this week. The spices were really tasty and I loved how easily it came together.

Recipe Notes: I didn’t have any fresh cilantro on hand so I added a teaspoon of dry along to the other spices in the recipe. I also let most of the liquid evaporate but did leave it “saucy” and then missed this all together with the rice, instead of just serving it on top.

Thursday Night

On thursday I dined on leftovers for dinner again BUT I still have some fun recipes for you! I tried making a no-knead pot bread and homemade cashew milk. Both were fantastic!

No Knead Bread by the kitchn.com

I have no reason to go out and buy bread again! This was fantastic, it also kept for days! This was baked on thursday morning and was still moist and delicious on Sunday. Breads that I have made in the past (most with bread makers) have been worthy building materials that could be used in place of bricks. You can imagine my excitement in pulling out this yummy, delicious smelling crusty break from my oven!

Recipe Notes: You can add anything you like to the dough when mixing the ingredients together. I just made another loaf yesterday that included sunflower and pumpkin seeds! The recipe calls for white flour but whole wheat can easily be substituted. (I know that my mother makes bread that is 3/4 whole wheat and 1/4 white flour). I like to prepare the dough the night before and bake it in the morning as it needs time to rest.

Cashew Milk by cookieandkate.com

This recipe made me just giddy. It’s absolutely delicious and creamy – it is so soo good that it has earned a permanent spot in our fridge. I loved everything about it. It is so easy to prepare and you use up the whole cashew (no straining!) If you love cashews the chances are pretty high that you will love this milk!

Recipe Notes: I used unsalted roasted cashews that I had bought at Costco to make this recipe and it worked out fine! I skipped on the cinnamon but it does sound like a delicious add on!

Friday Night

Steve was on his way back home and I wanted to make him something fun and special. He loves Pizza, so a delicious made from scratch Vegan Pizza was a must.

Roasted Veggie Pizza by veganinthefreezer.com

This recipe was super successful! The dough was delicious and our pizza came out perfect! We made 2 and had some leftover slices the next day. The recipe makes 4 Pizza’s so we were able to freeze the dough for another day. Awesome! That means that one dinner next week is already done!

Recipe Notes: I didn’t have cauliflower on hand, so I used roasted carrots instead (yum!)

For the sauce I adapted one from the recipe below

Exquisite Pizza Sauce by Angie Gorkoff on Allrecipes.com

The sauce I made turned out awesome, it had great flavour and a bit of heat.

Recipe Notes: Now this isn’t technically a vegan pizza sauce, it calls for Anchovy Paste and Parmesan cheese.  I chose to replace the parmesan with Nutrional Yeast and made sure to include black olives on the pizza to add the saltiness that the Anchovy Paste would have lent to the recipe. I also cut back on the cayenne pepper a bit (maybe used half), and it still had heat. (Note – I’m pretty sensitive to spicy, I love it, but my tongue can’t take it sometimes.)

 That wraps up the recipes that I tried out this week! On saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful wedding where the couple made sure that my husband and I were offered a Vegan option.

Do you have a recipe that I should try? Please leave a comment below or email me at myprettydistractions@gmail.com

Wishing you a yummy week!


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