RoseRoseShop $25 Secret Box Review

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Before I began my No Buy Challenge on February 2nd I had placed a few online orders that are still trickling in. The RoseRoseShop Mystery box was one of them!

I have been finding myself more and more drawn to Korean cosmetics ever since first trying the Skin79 Gold BB cream. The products that I have received to date are priced well, high quality and have fun packaging.

In September, Amber from Beauty Box spoilers featured two reviews on her blog for the RoseRoseShop Mystery Box which you can check out here and here. The Boxes looked amazing and at $25 shipping included the deal was too amazing to resist.

The RoseRoseShop Mystery box at a $25 dollar value comes with 2 articles (full-sized products) a pair of earrings and various samples. The Value is supposed to work out to double what the box costs…so using my mathematical skills, that should be $50. 🙂 They also offer it in a $50 box, and $100 box!

The boxes seemed to be sold out for a while, in January I noticed that they were available again and just had to order one.

Shipping from time of payment didn’t take too long and went down like this

Jan 24th – Order Placed
Jan 27th – Received Shipping Tracking
Jan 28th – Incheon
Radio Silence…. I was starting to get concerned as over a week went by where no news appeared on the Korean tracking page or the Canada Post Page.
February 7th – The Package appeared on the Canada post tracking site, hurrah!
February 8th – Item was processed in my town
February 10th – Delivered (and I was doing a happy dance!)

So in total in took 16 days to make it from Korea to my door in Montreal. Not too shabby, although it was super difficult to contain my excitement.

And now let’s move onto what came in my mystery box!

photo 1

Everything was packaged beautifully

photo 3

RoseRoseShop Mystery Box Contents

Now let’s take a closer look at each item

photo 4

Tethys Cream by Ozzie Lalavesi – Retail Value – Approx 34 USD

First up, the highest valued item in my box. The Ozzie Lalavesi Tethys Cream. I think that at the moment is out of stock on this item, I couldn’t find it on their website. I did however manage to find some for sale on eBay that were selling for an average price of $34 USD (Shipping Included). This must be a high-end Korean Cream.

It was difficult to find a clear english description for this product (this kind of adds an aspect of fun and adventure to order Korean Products) but I was able to tell that this is an a very natural product.

Ingredient List: Hyaluronic acid, Argan Tree Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Aloe vera leap Extract, Sunflower seed oil, Lemon Extract.

Here’s a messy English Description found on eBay

This is multy cream, Natural moistyre hyaluronic acid, argan oil, sun flower seed, grape seed oil, aloevera leaf extract, lemon extract etc. Water base and oil base, Watery consistency, Beautifully hydrated around the clock, Natural essential secent.

Paraben free, Synthetic dye free, Artificial scent free, Animal material nature free.

This is multy cream, its components are eco-friendly and preservative-free. A main component, Morocco Argan Oil, is specialized in preventing skin drying and water loss by water-binding. Besides, there are bunch of Omega-6, which helps protecting function of the scarfskin and tocopherol as much as 2~3 times than Olive Oil, so it helps you to keep moist and soft skin. Finally, natural hyalironic acid provides nutrition and water to dry face and body.

photo 5-2

LANEIGE – Easy Drawing Concealer – Retail Value – Approx. $22USD

Next up, LANEIGE Easy Drawing Concealer. Oddly enough this is also not available on I did however find it selling on (another favourite Korean seller) for 21.98 shipping included. The Colour that I received was #1 True Beige which complemented my light complexion (NC20 ish) really well. I love this product, it is already my favourite concealer. The pencil is soft and blends easily, coverage is probably medium but I found that it was easily build-able without looking bad. I also love that a sharpener was included with the pencil!

Etude house - Collagen Moistfulll
Etude house – Collagen Moistfulll sample set – Retail Value – Approx. $8.99 USD

Available on Here, and RubyRubyShop on eBay here (same retailer, eBay Price includes shipping, RoseRoseShop does not, you will see a price discrepancy)

I was excited to see this set in my box as I’ve seen lot’s of positive reviews online. I have already opened this up and started trying it out. So far I have only tried it at night – The Essence is moisturizing and feels nice on the skin. I chose to follow it up with the Enriched cream because my skin was feeling a bit dry. Both together on my skin felt real nice and did not feel heavy. I love the scent of this product, it’s a very light citrus scent and is very pleasant.

The kit includes – Moistfull Collagen First Essence 15ml, Moistfull Enriched Cream 10ml and Moistfull Cream 10ml.

photo 2-3

Etude House – Dear My Nails – Retail price – Approx $8 USD

The shade of this polish is even nicer in person, it’s Grey with a slight eggplant hue to it, I’m excited to wear it! I couldn’t find this one on the website either. They do have lots of nail polish from Etude House so for comparison sake I will assume the same pricing as this one. I think that it is part of the Dear My Nails collection and is worth about 3.00, Let’s say 8 shipping included (Based on RubyRubyShop on eBay which is the ebay name for Prices on the website don’t include shipping.

Etude House – I Need you Pomegranate – Sheet Mask – Retail Value Approx. $3 USD

Found here on, this is normally sold in a 3-pack for approximately $9 (shipping included), So this mask is worth about three dollars. I am fairly new to using sheet masks, and this was my first Korean one. I really liked it, it made my face feel awesome and the scent was nice (not sure if it smelled like Pomegranate). It was a weird fit, I had tons of extra mask hanging off of my chin. They eye holes were okay for me, and I liked and disliked the material that this mask was made from. It didn’t have a backing but there was no worry to rip it as it’s made from a thick material. I thought this was great, but the heaviness comes at a price, the mask kept slipping down off of my chin (on the edges). I would buy these again, but would like to try some others first.

photo 3-2

Missha – Self Care Nail Pack Essence Mask – Retail Value $5.45 USD

Couldn’t find this one on, I’m actually thinking that it may have been discontinued since it was hard to find on-line. I had to research the heck out of this one to figure out what is was, all of the text is Korean. I found this one on eBay selling for $5.45 USD shipping included. It’s an interesting idea, it’s basically a sheet mask for your fingertips, but I’m guessing that the main purpose is for your cuticles.

photo 4-3

3 Concept Eyes – Nail Remover Tissue – Approx $4 USD

I’m sure that this product should read “Nail POLISH Remover Tissue” ha ha! It’s a small box containing 8 Nail Polish remover pads. I’m excited to try it since I have really liked ones that I have received in the past from Julep and LaFresh. This is another one that I couldn’t find on At this point I’m convinced that they compose the surprise boxes of products that they are running low on or that have been discontinued. I’m okay with that since most have been easy to find online through other retailers. It would however be nice to buy it from the source who sent me the product. I’m going to give this pack an approx value of $4.00 simply based on comparative North American products.

Etude House - AC Clinic Sample Pack Etude House - Like 20

Etude House – AC Clinic Daily Sample Pack – Retail Value approx. $1.80 USD
Etude House – Like 20 All Day Cream Pact $1.62 USD

Next up are some deluxe samples from Etude House.

Etude House – AC Clinic Daily Care Sample pack. This sample normally sells in a three pack of sample for about $5.50 USD Shipping included. You can find it here on The sample comes with two tiny bottles, once containing a Toner and the other a Gel Moisturizer. I have already tried these out and figure that you can get about 3-4 uses from each container. I love this product it smells faintly of “Thrills” gum and minimized the look of my pores after one use. The Gel moisturizer left my skin matte for hours which I loved. The only thing I noticed is that it can be pretty drying, so I started to limit the use to once a day, concentrating on problem spots. I plan to purchase this one in the Future.

Like 20 – All Day Cream Pact. This is a new product from Etude House so reviews online are scarce. You can find this sample selling in a 5-pack on Roseroseshop here price is about $8.00 USD when shipping is included.  At first I thought that this was a moisturizer cream, but it is more of a balm.  From my understanding this should be the last step of your skin care routine (after moisturizer). I think that it retains your moisture (like a sleeping pack), it is also for spot treatment as needed during the day. I’m not sure but it also mentioned smoothing pores, so maybe this is like a primer? I’m intrigued to say the least!

Etude House - Wonder Pore Cotton Glove - Retail Value Approx.

Etude House – Wonder Pore Cotton Glove – Retail Value Approx. $0.25 US

This is a Trial Cotton Glove sample, I think that it only contains one cotton glove. You can purchase a 30 pack of these on for about $8 USD Shipping included. This glove is double-sided and meant to be used in place of a cotton pad. Works best with Wonder Pore Freshner Toner at effectively cleansing and smoothing out pores

and finally these samples were included in the box

photo 5 actually sells 10-packs of foil samples with an average price of around $5.oo tax in. But they are a 10pack of the same sample. These all look fun, I’m most excited to try the Chia Seed moisturizer, its said to be good for combination skin and prevents the skin from looking oily. Exactly what I need!

Oh and here are my earrings!

photo 1-3

Earrings that were included in my Mystery box – they are pretty cute, I will probably wear them!

At this point I’d like to run down the Value of the box (all products are in approx USD value and include shipping costs)

The Ozzie Lalavesi Tethys Cream – $34
LANEIGE – Easy Drawing Concealer – $22
Etude house – Collagen Moistfulll sample set – $8.99
Etude House – Dear My Nails – $8
Etude House – I Need you Pomegranate – Sheet Mask – $3
Missha – Self Care Nail Pack Essence Mask – $5.45
3 Concept Eyes – Nail Remover Tissue –  $4
Etude House – AC Clinic Daily Sample Pack –  $1.80
Etude House – Like 20 All Day Cream Pact $1.62
Etude House – Wonder Pore Cotton Glove – $0.25

Approx. Value (excluding small foil packets and Earrings) = $89

Awesome! Now I’d like to make an important note, for comparison sake I included the cost of shipping into each of the products. The box after all included shipping. Now you may be able to obtain the products for less if you were able to save on shipping costs. For example calculates the shipping by weight, in some cases adding a product may not increase the shipping cost if it’s within the same range. I would have love to have been able to add all of these products to a basket on the website to give a better estimate, but it wasn’t possible.

As a side note if you send a message through Facebook Page or the RoseRoseShop website with your order number, you can request that they include samples (usually 5 foils). Apparently this is not done automatically, although I wish it was. That being said, I didn’t request any but some were included anyway!

I was really happy with the contents of my box although I have to admit that I am a little envious of what Amber from received in hers. I would have love to have seen a BB cream, lipstick or eyeliner.

So what do you think? Worth it? Would you be interested in ordering one? You can check out all of the “Special Sets” that roseroseshop offers here



7 thoughts on “RoseRoseShop $25 Secret Box Review

  1. OMG I need this box! I keep trying to add it to my cart and it says sold out, only those brand-only samplers for $5 each are available (like Innisfree and so on). I’ll keep trying though haha. I wish they’d include an extra sample instead of the earrings as I have weird ears.

  2. I just got my box and ABSOLUTELY love it, there are so many goodies for the price. It says you can only buy one box per ID, though 😦 I don’t want to post a link on your blog, but will share what I got on the Beauty Box Spoilers group later 🙂

  3. Good review. I bought a box around Christmas and loved my items. I have bought subsequent stuff from this seller and this last order has taken over a month to get to me. I then read your review which said that the tracking number DOES show up on the Canad Post site, so I went and checked mine. Wonder of wonders, my tracking number shows that Customas had my package and was just released yesterday. Thank you for putting my mind at ease!!

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