A week of Vegan – Recipe Roundup – WE Feb 8 2014

Since taking the plunge to a plant-based diet, friends and family members are always asking me what I actually eat? It’s really funny because they can grasp the idea of a vegetarian diet, but taking dairy and eggs out of the equation just freaks them out. The truth is, my meals are both delicious and healthy. It’s even a freeing diet, I can literally eat anything plant-based that I want and don’t count calories. It’s wonderful! (Mind you I wouldn’t snack on chips all day)

Just to prove how yummy and easy a  plant-based diet can be, I am including a roundup of links to Awesome food bloggers and recipes that I used in the previous week for family dinners.

This week I had a goal to use up as many winter vegetables as possible. I subscribe to a food basket from Lufa farms, they are a rooftop farm in Montreal that offers food baskets on a weekly basis. Because they are a rooftop garden they are able to offer some summer delights like fresh tomatoes and lettuce. That being said, the biggest selection is still found in winter vegetables like beets, carrots and parsnips. I now have an overabundance of winter vegetables on hand!


Sunday Night

Spicy Beets and Carrot Soup from Food52.com

This was fantastic! I was able to offer 4 large portions and small seconds to my family members. We all loved it, it was tasty and a great way to enjoy beets. My sauce was a a medium pink in colour which was a little strange looking, but who cares! It was delicious!

Recipe Notes: The recipe poster mentioned that they pre-boiled the beets for 10 minutes before adding them to this recipe. I’m not sure how cooked they could have been because mine took a little over an hour to boil.  Save some time by preparing these a day ahead or so.

Monday Night

 Potato, Parsnip and Carrot Cakes from DeliciouslyElla.com

Think Crab cakes gone plant-based. No they don’t taste like crabs, but they are inspired by them, with a crispy outside and soft centre they are delicious and filling!

Recipe Notes: I baked my parsnips and carrots with a clove of garlic (I love garlic!) and sprinkled them over with dried Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, and Salt and Pepper.

I made the mistake of throwing the potatoes and carrots and parsnips all together in my food processor. This made it to liquidy to hold together properly when frying. It was like trying to fry something of an icing consistency, no good! Next time I will lightly mash the potatoes by hand and incorporate the rest together, I’m sure that it will hold better.

Don’t skip the tomato sauce, or the bed of spinach. It was absolutely delicious together!

Tuesday Night

Roasted Winter Vegetable Fried Rice by lukasvolger.com

OH MY GOSH! I honestly couldn’t get enough of this!

Recipe Notes: I doubled the sauce and cooked about two full cups of dried rice, so it was a bit more rice than in the recipe. I roasted my vegetables in the oven the night of – this was time consuming (took an hour) so you may want to plan ahead. Roasted veggies can keep in the fridge for days, so you can use them up in many meals. The recipe poster actually mentions putting this meal together from leftovers, awesome idea! I would have never thought about using roasted winter vegetables in a fried rice, I am so happy that I tried this!

Wednesday Night

The Ultimate Energy Bites by DeliciouslyElla.com

Okay so this isn’t dinner but it is awesome! I posted about these the other day, and I am still in love. These energy bites are delicious and definitely offer a boost. Highly recommended!

Thursday Night

Cheezy Mac by Vegan Diner


This recipe began my discovery into the amazing uses for cashews in Vegan cooking. I still remember the first time that I made this and how happy I was to enjoy something familiar and comforting from my past. This Mac and Cheese is sinfully creamy and delicious. The cheesy flavour comes from the Nutritional Yeast and Cashews. Best part of this recipe is that it’s really quick to throw together. You can prepare the sauce while the pasta cooks. It only takes as long to make as preparing the pasta! If you are new to a plant based diet and are interested in some delicious comfort food, check out Julie Hasson’s book Vegan Diner.

Friday Night

Black-eyed Pea Chili with Quinoa and Corn by blog.FatFreeVegan.com

Not a word of a lie, this was one of the best chili’s that I have ever had. It was delicious the night of, and even better the next day. Very Yummy and easy to pull together.

Saturday Night

Sorry no picture available, friends came over with Sushi!

So there you have it! Looks pretty delicious doesn’t it? Do you have a recipe that I should try? Please leave a comment below or email me at myprettydistractions@gmail.com

Have a yummy week!



2 thoughts on “A week of Vegan – Recipe Roundup – WE Feb 8 2014

  1. How wonderful that you’ve gone plant-based! I’ve been plant-based for two years, and most of my friends and family still think I’m living a life of denial. Looks like you had some tasty stuff this week chica! Celeste 🙂

  2. Thank you Celeste, every was pretty tasty! 🙂 I’ve been plant-based since October 2012, honestly its been the best decision. I feel so much better. It’s sometimes difficult explaining why I chose to eat like this to family and friends. They are so set on dairy and lean meats being super healthy that they can’t understand why I am so stubborn 🙂 My husband and I tried this out just to see what it would be like for a month, after that we felt so good that we wanted to keep going!

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