January Empties – Winners and Losers

In an attempt to de-clutter my life, I have given up on buying anything (non-essential) until my birthday rolls around on May 16th. In all I will have completed a 117 days spending freeze and hopefully grown a little from the experience.

I have so many half empty bottles of shampoo, body wash, face cream, body lotion, hand lotion… you name it and I probably have it in multiples! So every month I’m going to focus on finishing as many of those partially finished products as I can before starting anything new.

To make the whole experience a little more fun, I will take a moment each month to show you the products that I managed to finish off. I will even give you a mini review of each product and label them as a Winner or Loser.

Let’s begin!

photo-36 copy

January Empties Winners and Losers!

1. Freeman – Feeling Beautiful Facial Purifying Mask in Starfruit – Loser (Retails for around $1.99 CAD)
I’m sorry to mark this as a loser. The packaging was beautiful, and it smelled really nice. Unfortunately It felt like a slimy mess on my face and was uncomfortable because the eye holes were so off for me. I have a pretty skinny face but maybe my eyes are set farther apart than the average Freeman Girl. I don’t know! It just didn’t work for me. My face was rosy and shiny when we serum soaked in at the end so I would definitely stick to these before bed. I got these in a beauty box, and have a couple of more to try. I won’t be purchasing more.

2. Febreze Set & Refresh Air Freshener – Draw (Retail starter kit – $4.69 CAD)
This one is a draw, the scent was nice and the design is okay. I feel that it could have been more attractive but this was a sample that I received a while ago. Looking at the designs on-line today they appear to be white with a coloured base that matches the scent. I wish that the scent could last longer, and that the refills were more affordable* (2 @ $6.99 CAD). I prefer plug-in air fresheners BUT this is a nice option for a room or space where you don’t have access to an outlet or prefer something that doesn’t plug-in. I might look into getting refills in the future

3 . Sebastian Trilliance – Shampoo – Winner (Retails for around – $18 CAD)
I loved this shampoo and conditioner set! I found that it really delivered on its promise of beautiful shiny hair. The effects were more noticeable when my hair was dark, the shampoo and conditioner left my hair glossy and beautiful! Since going blonde I’ve had to turn to something that is more conditioning but I do still love this product. It was easy to use the whole bottle 🙂

4. Skin 79 – Super BB VIP Gold Cream – Winner (Full size – Retails for around $15 CAD)
This is one of my most favourite BB creams, I bought this one in a 4 pack of minis from IAmLove-Shop (on ebay) and have been converted to Korean bb creams since. This BB cream is the perfect shade for my NC21 ish skin. I find that it has good coverage too. To date it is my favourite of the Skin 79 BB Creams. It’s priced really well and works great. Have already re-purchased!

5. Skin 79 – Diamond The Prestige BB cream – Winner (Full size – Retails for around $15 CAD)
This BB cream is a bit thinner and more moisturizing than the Skin 79 Super BB Gold cream. It is also an amazing option that is loved by many. I does have a sheen to it – my preference is a bit more mat which is why I prefer the Gold cream. But this is a close second!

6. Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper – Winner (Retail – $9.99 CAD)
Amazing! The solution is thin and liquidy, it is applied to wet hair and worked through with a comb. Curls stay together and frizz is greatly minimized. My most favourite feature is that I can revive my curly slept-on hair in the morning by dampening it and re-scrunching. If I were to try that with gel, my hair would be an absolute mess! This product lets me touch my hair with little consequence, my hair looks beautiful and not weighed down. I will definitely repurchase!

7. Body Shop Shea Shower Cream – Draw  (Retail – $9 CAD)
This smelled wonderful, just like summer. Other than that it didn’t overly impress me, it’s ok. I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

8. Naked – Advanced Skin Cream – Winner (Retails for $59.99 for a large 9 oz jar)
I love this face cream, it has a consistency that is between a cream and gel. I used this moisturizer every night until the jar was finished. I love that it is composed of natural ingredients. It smelled pleasant and left my skin supple and soft. I would definitely repurchase in the future.

9. Redken Extreme – Conditioner and Shampoo – Winner (Retails for around $18 CAD)
This is probably the winner of 2013 for me. After dying my hair blond from a dark auburn I was left with brittle, dry, and damaged looking hair. I tried a multitude of products, I was desperately soaking my hair in almond oil, olive oil, anything really that seemed like it could nourish my hair. I finally turned to my Facebook beauty group and asked the wonderful ladies there for their suggestions, thankfully one suggested Redken Extreme. I used the product once and had instant results. I could tell right in the shower that my hair had softened up, it felt silky. I used this set religiosuly until I recently ran out.  I am so happy to report that over time my hair through trims and maintenance feels healthy again. I will definitely be repurchasing this set.

10. Advanced Listerine – Draw (Retails for around 9.99 CAD)
This is a mouthwash that is supposed to freshen breath while helping to whiten your teeth. I labeled this one as a draw because I didn’t notice any whitening effects. Also it’s a typical mouthwash, the flavour was fine, a bit strong – it did it’s job.

11. Benta Berry – Crème Très hyndratante Visage Filles – Loser (Retails for around $25 CAD)
This cream was just not for me. I didn’t like the thick texture, it reminded me of sunscreen. The smell was okay, maybe a little heavy near my nose. It absorbed and moisturized well…I just didn’t like it.

12. Sensodyne – Pronamel – Winner (Retails for around $6.99 CAD)
This toothpaste took me a little while to get used to. The texture seems thinner than my regular toothpaste.  Sensodyne still did a great job in both cleaning my teeth and reducing my sensitivity. Since running out, I bought a sensitive whitening toothpaste from Crest and don’t like it quite as much.

13. Kellett – Moisturizing gel – Winner and Loser (Retails at $95.00 CAD)
I received a decent sized sample in a beauty box earlier in the year. One day I was looking through my box of beauty supplies and this really neat silver tube of moisturizer called out to me. Interest peaked, I started to use it daily and fell in love. I applied this every night and had noticeably clearer skin in a matter of days. I was so impressed! Cute packaging and a great product, it was time to look at ordering the full size version. That is when i discovered just how valuable my sample had been! This gel sells in a full size 50ml version for $95.00. Unfortunately this is just not in the budget 😦

14. B.Kamins – Lip Balm SPF 20 – Loser (Retails for $19 CAD)
I absolutely hated this lip balm. It was whitish and thick, smelled unpleasant, tasted bad and didn’t improve my lips at all. I received this as a sample in a beauty box and am thrilled that I never bought the full size version. Will not purchase.

15. Noxema – The Original Deep Cleansing Cream – Winner (Retails for around $8.99 CAD)
Always a winner, I heart Noxema with a passion! This product is so versatile that I will have to write a blog post focusing on it one day. On top of cleansing, this cream can sooth a sunburn or rash, be worn overnight as a face mask for beautiful glowing skin in the morning, and is also amazing as a shaving cream on the legs! Honestly it’s the best 🙂

Phew! and there you have it! I feels good to finish something even if it’s only a face cream or toothpaste 🙂



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