Date energy bites – A perfect start to my morning

A Perfect morning treat

A Perfect morning treat

When I was little, my aunt used to make the MOST awesome Easter cookies that were filled with dates and coated in a cloud of icing sugar. Every year I so looked forward to them, and they were always worth waiting for.

When my aunt and uncle retired, they began to spend a good portion of the year in Mexico, leaving poor me cookie-less come spring.

I guess it was my nostalgia of dates and interest in Vegan treats that grabbed my attention when I first layed eyes on these energy bites – I knew that I just had to make my own.

As luck would have it, one of my favourite food bloggers Deliciously Ella had just shared an awesome recipe for “The Ultimate Energy Bites”, Which you can find here

She promised that they were easy to make – and she was right! I couldn’t believe it when I found myself staring at the finished product in my own kitchen about 5 minutes after I started. The biggest time sucker was searching out the ingredients in my pantry. Once I found everything, they went into my food processor until a dough was formed.

I was so happy when my energy bites ended up looking exactly like her pictures. I gleefully refrigerated them and went to bed excited about enjoying them in the morning.

These treats live up to their name and do come with a lot of energy! I ate two of the bites and found myself bursting with energy, in fact I’m not sure that I was wise to pair them with a cup of coffee!

Later in the day these treats totally help with my chocolate cravings and I am thrilled that the bites are so healthy. They are made of dates, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seed, cinnamon, coconut oil, hemp protein powder, raw cocoa powder and a tablespoon of water. WOW!

So if you are interested in trying out these delights for yourself please check out deliciously Ella’s recipe by clicking here



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