Lioele Triple the solution BB cream review


Last spring I took my first plunge into Korean cosmetics by trying Skin 79s line of BB Creams. I had purchased a very affordable 4 pack of mini’s from my favourite Ebay Seller I am love Shop and from then on I was hooked. The difference between what we call BB cream in North America vs what I received was so stark. The Skin 79 and Missha BB creams that I have tried are amazing. They don’t make me look patchy, or leave me with dry skin. The Korean BB creams spread beautifully over my skin and gave me a healthy glow that looks natural.

Today I want to take a moment to review the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream.

Isn't this foil sample the cutest!

Isn’t this foil sample the cutest!

I received a sample foil with my last order from I am Love Shop (they always include a couple of extra goodies) and was very excited to try it.

Going over some of the online reviews that I could find, I knew that this was fuller coverage BB cream that is available in one colour. It also appears to be a fan favourite, with many loving the texture, coverage, colour and finish.

The Benefits and Claims
SPF 30 (although you should always use sunscreen, it’s super nice that this offers some protection)

The features as listed on I am love Shop
Special BB Cream which works greatly in Whitening & Wrinkle Care & UV Protection. Its natural looking coverage let your skin look healthier and smoother. Not only brightens your skin tone, but also protect it from harmful UVA/UVB. With A little volume of BB cream, it hides most of skin trouble.You can have most flawless complexion.

My Observations

The sample had enough product for one wear. Which was more than enough to help me form an opinion of it.

Right off the bat this colour is too dark for my skin. Bad news for me but not the worst for others who have trouble finding a BB cream for their skin tone. For reference my skin tone is close to a NC21 (maybe a shade or two lighter). I would think that this BB cream is more suited for someone with a warmer complexion, it has an slightly yellow/orange undertone.

Too dark and warm for my skin tone

This cream does have a fuller coverage and needs to be blended well. I used my fingers but a brush would have probably worked better.

I hate selfies, but wanted to share the before and after

I hate selfies, but wanted to share the before and after

I didn’t notice a strong scent, and this felt nice on my skin.

I have the challenge of combination skin and unfortunately for me this cream loved sticking to any light flakes of dry skin. I actually didn’t even realize that I even had these patches until I applied the cream (I did tone and moisturize first). I hated that part.

You can see the product highlighting the dry patches

You can see the product highlighting the dry patches

As the day went on, the dry patches were less noticeable. What I did notice was that my face was pretty shiny. I guess you could say that it had a nice dewy glow. This glow looked absolutely terrible when combined with flash photography. I should mention that this would probably would look better with a finishing powder.

This is about 4 hours after application. My face is so so shiny! The light off of my TV is reflecting off of my face!

This is about 4 hours after application. My face is so so shiny! The light off of my TV is reflecting off of my face!

My Conclusions

What I liked

  • It evened our my skin and completely neutralized the pink and red tones in my skin
  • Cute Sample Packaging

What I didn’t like

  • It has a higher price point (21.98usd) than my other favourites Skin VIP GOLD Super Plus Beblesh Balm SPF25 ($13.98 USD) and Missha M perfect cover SPF42 ($13.98 USD).
  • The colour was wrong for my light and cool under-toned skin
  • It looked terrible on my dry patches.

(Prices are as listed on Ebay Store I am Love Shop and include free shipping to Canada – February 2014)

I think that this cream would work well for someone with a skin tone that is a shade or two darker than my own. If you have oily or normal skin that is dry patch free, you might love this cream.

Interested in checking out more Korean cosmetic products? Check out I am Love Shop on eBay, or their store’s website They are a trusty seller and ship relatively quickly, I usually receive my orders in Canada within two weeks.



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