Two days without shopping

Sounds so easy doesn’t it?

Well like any diet the first few days are seeming the hardest. Never have I thought so much about shopping as I have since I made the commitment to not buy anything (outside of food and necessities).

It’s almost comical really. Like as if magically conjured, the best deals seem to be popping up everywhere, and with them my mind is trying to justify every one. For example, just yesterday Home Depot was having a hammer drop sale on a single cup coffee maker with reservoir. Wow! My mind quickly got to work…. Well I do already have a normal coffee maker…but I did just decide to give up my Tassimo coffee..I really like the convenience of one cup, yes spending $99 on a marked down too good to miss coffee maker makes complete sense!

NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

Now I don’t won’t you to think that I’m dropping hundreds of dollars a day on random internet junk. I’m not really. But I do make small purchases almost daily. I see a cute dress for Lauren, $10, oh a new lipstick sure! Some dog treats for Buddy yes (he has a cupboard full already) and so on.

It’s these little purchases that leave me feeling overwhelmed, sitting in a cluttered house, surrounded by things that temporarily bring happiness but have an after-effect of emptiness.

I want more. I want to have savings and security. I want to find happiness in the day. I want to be free of clutter.

Ahh and moving forward with my initiative to get rid of at least one item each day. I managed to put together a nice grouping of new cosmetics (that I will probably never use) to a friend who will be happy with them. I also found a pretty blouse in my closet that I constantly try on and take off, it’s beautiful but I never seem to get around to wearing it.

Two days – two days of enjoying what I already have and not filling my life with more (that really leads to me feeling like less). Two items gone, two small moves towards a massive one.

I’m excited about the potential that lies ahead.

PS I will post a picture of my progress in things that I sell, use completely, give away and toss at the end of each week and month 🙂

Please let me know if you have any sage advice, tips or ideas that may be helpful in my journey!



2 thoughts on “Two days without shopping

  1. Unsubscribe from ALL THOSE EMAILS. I use to get rid of all my pesky sales/contest subscriptions. It’s a lifesaver and timesaver. Instead sign up for long-read types of emails like ones from You’ll learn more instead of sweating all those sales.

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