It’s a new year – out with the old and hold off on the new!

It’s a new year, and about time that I start changing up some of my “Pretty Distractions”

About a year ago I started this blog to share some of my interests, which ended up mostly focusing on beauty subscription boxes. I loved these boxes and went a little nuts – I had to try almost any that I could get my hands on. As time went on, I found myself feeling disinterested and overloaded with products.

I recently cancelled all of my boxes except for Topbox and BeautyBox 5, together they run me about a combined $23 dollars a month. I am now debating which to let go of next, maybe both!

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that these boxes are an awesome way to discover new products and to change-up your routine (not to mention so much fun to receive in the mail!). My problem is that I am a HUGE Cosmetic Junky and have continued to buy products while subscribing to beauty boxes.

I feel overwhelmed, and tired. I am tired of wasting money. So after placing a few final orders online this past weekend and realizing that I need to take control, I have started my journey into the NO BUY realm. I’ve seen others do it for a month or so at a time, my goal is to last until my birthday in May (if not longer).

That goes for anything that is not necessary. I love online shopping so this is going to be extremely tough, but it needs to be done. I look around my home and see that I just have too much of everything. (What a really wonderful problem to have πŸ™‚

I’m also cutting back on spending in the kitchen and eating out. I decided to adopt a plant-based diet in November of 2012. The past year has been wonderful, I feel healthier, my body looks better and I’m happier. The only problem with this new, amazing and life changing diet is that pre-packaged Vegan foods are expensive, and to stay healthy you need to be able to cook and often. I love to cook, but in taking care of my very special needs daughter, I find myself looking to take-out foods more often than I like. Even worse, take out options are just not appealing anymore – there really is a limited number of Harvey’s veggie burgers that you can throw back before you find yourself bored.

So here’s my challenge to myself over the next three months.

  • Do not buy ANYTHING (well unless it’s needed for our health and survival πŸ™‚ )
  • Do not buy new clothes (I know falls into the above!)
  • Cook at least 6 meals a week (find a friend for the 7th, ha ha)
  • Give up the Tassimo for a little while. (here in Montreal my favourite Tassimo Coffee is Gevalia. It’s so delicious, but also pricey! Our family goes through about a box and a half a week and at about 8.99 a box of 12 pods, I will save about $54 dollars this month by cutting this out. In the meantime I will use up the regular coffee that we have in the house)
  • I gave up my expensive Gym membership and will work out at home and run outside.
  • Get rid of at least one item each day. On top of Cosmetics, I have an abundance of grocery items, baby cloths and toys, things that I haven’t used, I will need to use or get rid of something each day.
  • Blog about the experience!

So that’s it! I’m shuttering already πŸ™‚ This morning i received my fair share of email solicitation for awesome deals on just about everything! I feel weak, I found myself adding things to shopping carts just to see how much they would be with shipping. Then I yelled at myself (quietly so not to alarm my dog) Enough!

That’s when I decided to share this journey with you. Over the next three months I will review products that I have already acquired before this challenge, I will share recipes, stories, photo’s and anything else that I can to keep focused.

It’s funny, as I read over the words above I can’t help but think about how silly I sound, and how this should be an easy challenge. That’s the worst part, IT’S HARD!

Have you taken on a similar challenge? Let me know so that we can support each other πŸ™‚



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