NOTD – Strawberry Nails


So for my latest Nail challenge I decided to tackle a Strawberry Nail art manicure. My inspiration came from The Crafty Ninja, you can check out her post here.

I strayed slightly from the style of manicure that The Crafty Ninja did as I opted for a green french tip rather than the cute strawberry leaves that were shown on her blog. I initially attempted them but mine didn’t come out half as cute so I decided to scrap it and go a bit more modern. It’s still a very cute look.

I think that this manicure is the perfect complement to any summer picnic or event. It’s super cute, easy to replicate and my favourite part is that if you don’t have time to complete the entire mani, stopping at any step still leaves you with a cute look.

Here are the colours that I used for my manicure –


I began with an all over colour of Koala Berry by O.P.I (this is my all time favourite colour). Its pretty opaque, so I was able to go with one coat for my look. Perfect since I was pressed for time!

For the next step I dotted my nails using the Nail Candy nail art pen. It has a really cool tip that the nail polish feeds down too. These pens are really neat, not only can you use the pen tip but it also has a regular brush on each side so that you can get a multitude of different looks out of each set. The pen makes dotting really easy and there is zero clean up afterwards. Of course you can always use a standard dotter with a white polish for this step.

For my green tips I free-handed two coats of a french tip in Hoch by Julep. To make you life a little easier you can always use french tip sticker strips to help paint your green tips, just make sure that your other polish layers have completely dried.

Finally I use Seche Vite top coat to seal and even out the whole mani.

I’m really happy with the end result, it was an easy manicure and I love the finished look. As I mentioned before if ever you have to stop at a step, plain coloured or polka-dotted nails are also super cute, so if need be you could stage this look over a few days.

So is this something that you are willing to try out? Please feel free to post your own Strawberry Nails or comments below!



Here are a few more pics of my finished manicure




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