Topbox – Regular Edition – May 2013


I’ve been a Top Box subscriber since March 2013 and have to say that I’ve been very happy with my subscription. This month I chose a regular Top box as opposed to selecting a prive box.

Based on memory, the choices this month for a Prive box were, February Favorites (3 items), Masqueraide (4 Masks) – this one tempted me!, Coolway (2 items), Elizabeth Arden (4 items – same as April’s Prive box) Got this one last month.

They also offered two upgrade box options, wherein you could elect to pay an additional amount and receive what I’m guessing Top Box feels is a premium box. The options were, Ferro Blush (came with a blush and Brush) for an additional $10, or Pretend Tan (Bronzing Mist and Applicator Mitt) for an additional $9. Both of these options kind of bored me, and I really didn’t see the value. Maybe it’s because I feel that I can find a blush I like better for $24 dollars and that I’m not super into fake tanning. More importantly, both these boxes might as well have 1 item, I dont feel an applicator Mitt adds much value to the box (it’s just necessary!)

Okay, so that was it. Now onto the Box that I received today 🙂


Cuccio Colour – Texas Rose – Full Size – $10
According to the product card this is a new nail polish. I do like the colour and packaging but haven’t had a moment to try the polish yet. Although I like the colour I kinda wish that I could have received something in a bolder colour. It seems like beauty boxes are loving the pale pink lately. I think that this might be my fourth one! 🙂


Lise Watier – 1.5 ml – (full size: 6 ml) – $5.75 value – Stylista
So happy with this lip gloss, it’s my favorite item in the whole box. It’s the perfect colour for me, and it’s an awesome size to pop in my purse and go.


Yaby Eyeshadow Refill – Berry Splats – $3.15 value
I received Yaby eyeshadow a few months back in my Ipsy bag, I found my colours boring at the time. Well this one is not boring, but I’m not so sure that it will look great on me. That being said I actually love the colour, and am willing to try to figure out how to wear it.


Benefit – Porefessional – 7.5 ml (Full Size – 22ml) – $11.59 value
A repeat from the February Benefit box, but a welcome one – I love Benefit products and this is a great value.

My Top box cost me $13.56 shipped to my door, and the total value is $30.50, not too shabby!

If you are interested in signing up there is a waiting list, but you can get on the list by using my referral link here.

The cost is $12/month +taxes




One thought on “Topbox – Regular Edition – May 2013

  1. I loved my box this month. But I didn’t get the porefessional or that eyeshadow colour. I got a green one (not my favourite) and a chloe perfume instead!

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