The Anti-Glymm Box – Nail Polish Canada’s Awesome Response

Well if you’ve been a Glymm subscriber then you know what it is to feel ripped off, violated and taken advantage of. For months Glymm subscribers waited on their March subscription box and for their store orders. Questions were asked and answers were never given. Legitimate questions and fears were brushed aside with promises that boxes would ship soon and that more information would come. Glymm promised a news letter in the first week of April to let their subscribers know what was going on. Instead customers were charged for a second box that would never be received. I myself, pre-paid for a year and only received 3/12 boxes, OUCH!

Finally on April 19th the following email was sent out to subscribers

We have had an amazing time with you all along our journey to living a life more beautiful.

After sending you so many beautiful boxes, from jelly beans to lollipops, from lipstick to nail polish, we are sad to say that our journey with you has come to an end.

We have been unable to continue serving you as the company simply could not sustain itself. After lots of effort to continue to send you outstanding products and services, we have been left with no other choice but to close our beautiful company. We thank our dedicated and talented team and our valued members who have given us nothing but love along the way.

The whole Glymm team worked around the clock to continuously introduce you to the newest and latest in Beauty from all over the world.

Thank you for being part of a life more beautiful and we hope that you continue to find beauty in all that you see.

With love and sincerity,

The Glymm Team

and with that Glymm disappeared, literally disappeared – Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts all gone!

Well if you were a Glymm subscriber when this all went down there is a company that would like to help make things right.

Nailpolish Canada is offering an Anti-Glymm box box to anyone who was a subscriber to Glymm at the time that the company went bust. (well actually anybody who was a Glymm box member at any point during the last 4 months qualifies, click here for more details)

  1. Email with proof of membership (receipt, confirmation email, credit card statement etc.) to
  2. Within 24 hours we’ll email you a coupon code to get this $25 value box for free!

There is no catch and no obligation to buy more, all you would be out is the $3.00 for shipping which is amazing deal! All you have to do is email them with proof that you were member in form of receipts, confirmation email, credit card statement etc. whatever you have.

Here are the details from the website on the box, remember that quantities are limited so please make sure that you act fast!

This awesome Anti-Glymm Box includes

  • 1 x Choice of: China Glaze Shocking Pink, Nova (silver glitter), or Towel Boy Toy (blue)
  • 1 x China Glaze For Audrey (best-selling China Glaze ever!)
  • 1 x Color Club In Theory
  • 1 x White Nail File
  • 1 x mini Seche Vite Top Coat
  • 1 x mini Tend Skin

Note: The box is free, you don’t need to order anything else. However standard shipping rules apply (basically order $25 of other items and everything ships free or it’s only $3 shipping for just the box). Limited quantity available.

Please visit Nail polish Canada at the following link for more details:

I personally will be jumping on this deal, I haven’t had a chance to order from this company in the past but know many others who have and have had great experiences.

If you would like to read more about the whole Glymm debacle you can check out the Metro News article here




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