Taking back my health

Life is not always easy… when you’re juggling many things at once you sometimes forget about yourself.

My daughter has been sick for the past year and a half – At ten months of age she was diagnosed with a terminal regressive neurological disease. Up until the age of eight months I had a healthy, smiling, normally developing baby girl. My sweet Lauren met and exceeded milestones at her regular pediatrician check ups. As she neared nine months of age my princess had trouble sitting, she became stiff and had trouble holding her head. It was all so gradual that I missed it at first. In December 2011, we were told that we were going to lose our little girl. (you can read more about her journey at lifewithlol.com)

Since then life has changed drastically, my daughters health and happiness has become my entire life’s focus.

Meanwhile, my husband and I survived on quick and easy take out and processed foods. I couldn’t bring myself to excercise, I was exhausted. Sleep, Tv and chocolate got me through it. All of my energy was focused on finding fun activities for my daughter, I brought her to massage, swimming, osteopathy, anything to improve her quality of life.

Months later I fell into a depression, I was burning out. I needed to find moments to myself. At first these moments felt selfish, I didn’t want time to myself, I wanted every moment with my daughter. Now I know that this time, the distractions that I focus on keep me healthy and better prepared to offer my daughter the best care.

At first I started sewing, it was my Zen moments where I focused only on the thread and the needle of the machine assembling the cloth together. It was amazing for re-energizing my spirit.

When my sewing enthusiuasm subsided I turned to beauty boxes and creating this blog so as to have something light and fun to write and focus on.

Finally my focus has shifted on my health! I changed my eating habits six months ago when my husband and I decided to take on a plant based diet. It was drastic at first but we needed something drastic to wake us up, to detox months and months of garbage from our system. It was almost a spiritual cleanse. Now looking up delicious vegan recipes keeps me excited, and I just feel so much lighter and more energetic.

I joined a healthy living support group on facebook and decided to take part in a dietbet to lose some weight and motivate me to excercise so that I can be strong for Lauren. A nice side effect to my diet and excercise change is that I have more energy for my little girl!

I’m even training to take part in my first 5K run in May, sure it’s no half marathon but it’s a start!

What I’ve learned in watching my daughter progress through her disease is how lucky we are to have the opportunity to LIVE. I want to honour my daughter by taking care of my health and getting the most out of this life for her.


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