Club Nail Polish – Pre-Launch Review

I was recently selected to review a new monthly subscription service named Club Nail Polish, a monthly nail polish subscription service. Here’s the description taken off of their Facebook page

About Is A “Nail Polish Of The Month Club” Club Members are mailed a secret color of nail polish in a pretty package each month. It’s like getting candy for your nails!


Don’t you deserve a little something that will make you feel loved each month? Let that love be a secret color of nail polish. Our candy for your nails is sure to tickle you pink and make you feel all warm inside. It’s easy to join, not costly and most of all fun. Whether you like a little nail polish or call yourself a nail polish addict you’re sure to find a subscription that will suit your desires. “It’s Like Candy For Your Nails”

Here is the Candy for your nails pre-launch package that I received
I opened my mailbox to find this super cute shiny package waiting for me, it’s a lot like the pink Ipsy envelopes but only smaller.
Inside I found an O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in “You’re such a Budapest” from O.P.I.s Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. Three cotton wipes, 3 small emery boards and a small note wishing me a wonderful day.

I can’t begin to explain how hard I am loving on this polish! It really is candy for my nails 🙂 the colour is a gorgeous light lilac and has the more subtle shimmer. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails, they were so pretty!
This picture doesn’t begin to display just how pretty this colour this.
See the shimmer? It was hard to capture in pictures (ps please excuse my application job and cuticles, I was in a rush to see what it would look like, I did two coats, and finished with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

The impression that I got from the service is that they are not planning to compete with your typical beauty box. They are more simple, in their words “We are little more simple. We are the last chocolate that you relish and savour.”

It seems that the company is still ironing out a lot of details, I find that this makes it hard for me to review the service, but I will try my best given the details that I did receive.

What we do know about the service is that;
  1.  Secret color of nail polish once a month
  2. Monthly on going subscription that you can cancel at anytime
  3. Only available in Canada at the moment, USA next
  4. Not an in house brand nail polish. We do not make our own lacquers at the moment
  5. Only brand name polishes sent out each month
  6. Open forum discussions on brands and colors, ideas
  7. Full size bottle, can be OPI, China Glaze, Essie and more… 

Pricing on the service has not been finalized yet, but the company did mention to me that the cost will land in the 10-15 dollar range. The launch date is also up in the air as the company is working to properly assess the interest in the service.

If I were assessing the package just based on exactly what was received then I would think that the $10 range is ok, any more and i have trouble justifying why I wouldn’t go and pick a colour of polish that I would like from the store myself. The emery boards and the Cotton wipes were nice to haves but I was hoping for a little more from the subscription.

If someone was to ask me what i’d like to see from a service like this, I would have to say that I it would be fun if the company took the concept a little further and included a “Look” card with their monthly nail polish. Instead of one polish include a small set that allows for different nail art looks. Even if it is as simple as including 2 smaller bottles and french tips stickers so that you could do a french manicure with the colours, maybe including a dotting tool in another month etc. I just think that it would add a little fun to the subscription.

I’m excited to see what Club Nail Polish will come up with over the next little while before the official launch of the service. There are still so many unknowns, but that also means that a lot can improve as they work of defining the model of their program. I hope for a really fun service and would love to review Club Nail Polish again when they are officially ready to launch.

You can check their website out here, their Facebook Page here, and on Twitter here

What would you like to see from a service like this?




2 thoughts on “Club Nail Polish – Pre-Launch Review

  1. Love your blog and I love the color so much. I wish they would open up already lol. I hope they put in like a orange stick or a top coat even some nail stickers…..hey it don’t matter to me hopefully it be 10.00/month : )
    And please check out my blog

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