Panty fly Underwear – Monthly Subscription service – March 2013











EDIT – unfortunately after a few months of this subscription, the company cancelled my sub and returned my money. Soon after they seemed to have encountered problems and are no longer selling subs (if they are I can’t back them up with a recommendation) 



Edit  on April 7th 2013 – since posting this on March 27th the following has changed

Pantyfly offers the following subscription services

1 Pair of underwear – N/A Anymore
3 Pairs of underwear – $7/month + $1 $2.50 shipping
3 Pairs of underwear (3 months prepaid) – $15 $20 shipping included
3 Pairs of underwear (12 months prepaid) – $75 shipping included

I am really excited about this one!

In the beginning of March I was poking around the forums and noticed some of the ladies discussing a new subscription service named Pantyfly –  A fairly new and really affordable monthly underwear subscription. The service sounded like an awesome deal!

Pantyfly offers the following subscription services

1 Pair of underwear – $4/month + $1 shipping
3 Pairs of underwear – $7/month + $1 shipping
3 Pairs of underwear (3 months prepaid) – $15 shipping included! (Amazing! I think this may be an Intro offer)

What is also really cool is that you have the option to cancel or pause your membership at anytime. I really like being able to pause and skip a month at anytime.

They also offer three options of underwear styles to choose from


Barely There Option

The first option is the Barely There Underwear membership that consists of a mix of Thongs, String Bikinis, and Bikinis


Sleek and Sexy Option

The second option is the Sleek and Sexy Underwear membership and is “designed with comfort in mind” This membership includes the Modern Brief, Hipster and Hi Cut Style of underwear.


Finally, there is a third option that mixes the above options up and is appropriately labeled the Mix and Match Underwear membership.

I contacted the company through their facebook page to find out if the service is available to Canadians. Within less than 24 hours they responded yes, and I was thrilled to find out that there were no additional costs to have the subscription ship to my home in Canada.

With that I decided to order a three-month pre-paid membership for $15 dollars – I figured that having three pairs of underwear shipped to my door for $5 a month was a deal that was an offer worth gambling on. 🙂

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first since the pricing just seemed so good. I had doubts about the quality, and wondered if the materials would be cheap. I did read on the Panty Fly website that the underwear were made of a cotton blend, phew at least I was sure that I wouldn’t be receiving some weird polyester pairs.

Today I received my first Panty Fly shipment for March and WOW, I was blown away by the underwear that I received.

Panty fly shipped out orders on March 15th so I received my order in a little over 10 days, which is pretty reasonable.

Before I show you what I got you should know that I selected the Sleek and Sexy option that offers a little more coverage and comfort 🙂


The package arrived in a nondescript and discrete white envelope. Inside were three high quality pairs of underwear consisting of a 95% cotton blend. Most surprising to me was that these were also brand name undies.


I received two American Apparel “unisexy” jersey boy brief style underwear,  one in hot pink and the other in grey. These retail for $13.00 USD a pair

The third pair was a navy blue Tommy Hilfiger  Classic Boy short, retailing at $9.00 USD.

The total estimated value of this shipment was $35, just amazing considering that this cost me $5.00 USD shipped to my door!

Here’s a closer look at my new skivvy’s

IMG_2396 IMG_2398 IMG_2399 IMG_2400

I am super pleased with my first shipment and can’t wait to see what Panty Fly has in store for next month. (I’m hoping for some cute patterns!).

I loved all of the different subscription options, I love that Panty Fly accepts Paypal and I love that they offer so much size selection (Small – Extra Large)

Something to note: This service is still new and the company is very open to customer feedback. This month a letter accompanied our order to let us know of some exciting options that the company is hoping to offer in coming months. For example, for those who don’t like mystery (I LOVE MYSTERY) they are working to offer an option where you will be able to select the underwear that you would like to receive that month. They also mentioned offering a feature where you could choose other $7 dollar plans, whether it be socks or other great products at the same price, after all “not everyone needs 36 new pair of underwear a year”. Additionally, they are also working with designers and manufacturers to create their own brand which would allow them to offer even more styles and options.

So are you interested in trying this sub out?

You can check out them out at their
webpage here:
Facebook page here




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