NOTD: First Jelly Sandwich

So I’ve always loved the gel like finish that multiple layers of a sheer colour lends to my nails – yesterday I came across another sheer use that I have fallen even harder for!

The application method is called a Jelly Sandwich method. It’s done by sandwiching glitter in between layers of a Jelly (sheer) coloured polish. The results are so pretty that the pictures below just don’t do it justice.

I sandwiched Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Strobe Light in between layers of L’Oréal Jet Set Shine in Razz Berry. The finish is beautiful and is reminiscent of the earrings on a Glitter and Gold Jem doll that I obsessed over when I was a child. AWESOME!


Pretty, pretty, pretty!


So what do you think? Do you have any awesome colour combo’s or Jelly Sandwich NOTD’s to share? Post them in your comments below 🙂




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