Ipsy – March 2013 – Glambag

So posting this review a little late 🙂 I should be receiving my April Ipsy bag any day now, but here is my review for March!

This morning (March 12th) I peeked in my mailbox and saw my pink shiny envelope from Ipsy waiting for me, my new Glam bag is here.

Ipsy – My glam is a monthly subscription bag that I have been subscribed to Since December 2012. Every month features a mix of products based around a theme. Samples come in a cute bag that usually matches the theme of the month.

Here is the description from their website:

Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. All for only $10 a month.

I’m in Canada so I actually pay an additional $4.95 for shipping, bringing my monthly cost to $14.95.

This month I tried to avoid the spoilers and only partially glanced at any leaks that I came across, from what I did see it looked like a good bag.

20130312-114712.jpgThe theme was “The Great Escape”, a theme that everyone can appreciate with all of the gloomy weather and snow that we have been experiencing lately.

This month’s bag came in a very cute Nautical pattern, the construction wasn’t as solid as in previous months but it is still super cute and will get a lot of use!


Here’s what came in our bag:

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup remover wipes (8 count pack)
Yaby Eyeshadow refills
Glam RX Mini Freestyle Palette


My Yaby Eyeshadow samples came in Seashell and Azalea Petal. The samples were very tiny (smaller than a dime) and I wasn’t very excited about the colours that I received. They are neutral and safe which is ok, but i noticed that some other subscribers received a fun turquoise shade that I would have really loved. But herein lies the imperfection that is a subscription makeup bag, you never really know what you’re going to get, and that is part of the fun!

I haven’t tried the eyeshadow myself yet but have heard from others that there is very little colour pay off, which is a bit disappointing.


Ahhh my confusing Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

Okay, so maybe this might age me a little….but this product confused the heck out of me when I first received it. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it. Just spray my face if I’m hot? Why does it say toner then? The Juice Beauty website mentions trying it in your hair….why? In any case, I have to say that I have been using this daily as a toner after I wash my face and I LOVE it!!! Every day when I finish cleansing, I spray my face and then go over it with a cotton pad. My skin has been feeling and looking great!


So the La Fresh makeup remover wipes aren’t new to me, it seems like I’m receiving a wipe of some kind from them in every beauty sub that I Receive (ex: Nail Polish remover, makeup remover, cooling etc.)

This is the first time that I received a package of more than one wipe – I really like La Fresh wipes and this package is perfect for taking along on a mini vacation!


Finally the Glam RX Freedom palette is a really cool mini palette that is magnetized so that you can transport any of your shadows in their metal tins together in one place. A little Coastal Scents, some Yaby etc. you mix it up how you like it. Blush and eyeshadow together? Sure! I love that you can customize it any way that you wish. I love the packaging and the fact that there is a mirror in the lid, always a handy feature.




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