Glymm – February 2013


Per Glymm’s facebook page – is a world-leading, luxury beauty experience. Subscribe for your monthly Glymm Box of 4-5 carefully curated beauty samples, peruse the most prestigious brands, and interact with today’s industry experts.

I’ve been with Glymm since December 2012, so far it has been an up and down experience. I liked my first bag, but disliked my second bag. The price of the bag is $15/month – luckily I signed up for a year in November and was able to lock in my price at $10/month. On top of the lower monthly price I used the Polish me up promo to get a bonus nail polish during my subscription.

At the beginning of February Glymm announced that they would be shipping out bags at the end of the month. Our February bags actually arrived in March. I found that they were very vague about why the change was made. Maybe they were boosting our disappointment early so that our bags would seem better when they actually arrived 🙂

Here’s what was in the bag;


I really liked the cosmetic bag that we received this month, the white hearts on the black background were super cute. Not only is the bag cute but it is of better quality than the cheap plasticky snake-skin pattern ones that we received in December and January.


Monster Gloss – Super Shine Gloss in Divine – 10.4g – Full size
A product true to its name, this gloss is HUGE.  The colour is a pretty pinky purple that is full of sparkly shimmer (nice for evening wear). I haven’t had a chance to try it out but have heard great reviews from others. It’s suppose to smell great!
Estimated Value: $9.00


Purely Pro Cosmetics – Eyeshadow in Luxury – 1.7g – Full size
Ok, so a light Coffee colour (my description) is not the most exciting of colours that one could receive BUT it’s very wearable. It’s not shimmery, which is nice since I already have so much of that. Really excited that this is another full size product!
Estimated Value: $18.00


Villainess – Bar Soap in Ginger Snapped – about 20g (weighed it on my kitchen scale!)
Oh my this smells so good, SO GOOD! I’ve heard rave reviews on Villainess products so I am really excited to try this. I don’t often use bar soap but maybe this will encourage me (At this point I should mention that I do in fact use shower gel, in case you thought that I opted for nothing at all, he he!)
Estimated Value: $1.20


Nailuv – Gel Nail Polish in Berry Sweetie – Size unknown (maybe 5 ml)
It seems like every month Glymm must include a controversial product. This is the product of the month that drove many Glymm subscribers nuts. They included a Gel nail polish that can only be cured (dried) with a special UV or LED light, additionally it must be applied on top of a gel base coat. That being said this product is currently unusable to me. One of the lovely ladies in one of my beauty groups did post some pics of this polish on her blog, check it out here: Ethnography of My Life. After viewing her pics, I have to say that I’m temped to get myself a special light and base coat so that i can try this polish too. IT’S GORGEOUS!
Estimated Value: $5.00


BONUS POLISH – The New Black x 2
I was so happy to get a bright pink and super pretty dark purple polish. I think that we received two polished instead of one due to the size.
Estimated Value: $10.00 (3-packs sell on for 14.99)

Oh and I should mention that a heart-shaped Lollipop was also included. A bunch of people complained on the Glymm Facebook page that they didn’t want one in March. True the lollipop (and bag!) were late, I still appreciated it.

Total Estimated Value: $33.20 (Bonus not included)

Total Estimated Value with Bonus polish: $43.20

Note: I’ve excluded the value of the bag in both examples

Overall I was really pleased with this month’s Glymm bag, I’m also super happy that the value of the bag was much higher than last month. Even if I exclude the Nailuv polish the value is over $28, not terrible!

Interested in Signing up? Check it out here, and if you sign up for a year $12/month, 




4 thoughts on “Glymm – February 2013

  1. I’m glad that you were able to enjoy the bag. I think with polish me up promo, it definitely makes it much more worthwhile..but not so much for those who have to pay $16.80 for the bag and no extra polish. 😦 I don’t mind the late lolly…and I LOVE Villainess….I adore this scent!

  2. I completely agree with you, I would definitly be a lot less pumped about Glymm if I was paying full price. It’s unfair that not everyone was given the chance to lock in at $10 before they upped the price.

    Aleks I loved you’re broken heart comment on your blog, sorry that you’re Lollipop was broken 🙂

    I want to eat my villainess soap, smells so so good! he he

  3. I am so jealous for your New Black colours! I received two repeats and the colours suck! I didn’t receive Glymm cosmetic bag too errr!

    • Too bad about the repeats!

      Ahhh how did they forget the bag! It’s what they package everything in 😉 they must have run out or something. I guess that you will get two bags next month!

      Thanks for posting your pretty nails today, I think that you will motivate a lot of people to try out the Nailuv polish

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