Friday Nails – Revlon Nail Art StyleStrips

Friday Nails - Revlon Nail Art StyleStrips

This Friday I decided to give Revlon Nail Art Style Strips in Splatter Paint a try and I have to say that I am loving them.

Included in the Kit:
Nail file/buffer for prep and to help with application
Small wooden Cuticle Stick
16 Real Nail Enamel Strips

Not only do I find the strips beautiful but they are so convenient! Painting my nails while my daughter sleeps on my lap has always been an impossible dream. Last night my impossible dream can true thanks to the Revlon nail strips.

The polish looks authentic – what I mean to say is that the pattern doesn’t look like a cheap computer graphic. It actually looks like I took the time to splatter the black on my nails myself. Fantastic, I love any product that makes me look like I had some time to pamper myself!

I slept on these nails overnight (without applying a top coat) and they are still holding strong today. I will be adding a top coat this afternoon – but from the looks of it this manicure is here to stay for a while longer.

I will post a follow up in a few days to let you know how my nails are holding up!

Update – March 8th 2013
A week later and the nail strips are holding up pretty well. They’ve been through many showers, shopping, dish washing, typing etc and have worn very little. I never actually got around to putting on a top coat so they’re lasting power is amazing. I should note that my nails are a bit brittle (winter fun) so some have chipped or ripped at the tips but the nail strips held on! (my regular nail polish usually looks like this with two days or so!)





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