Drooling over Pacifica on Well.ca

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange from the January 2013 Ipsy bag

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange from the January 2013 Ipsy bag

If you subscribed to Ipsy in January 2013 then you know of the amazingness that is Pacifica body butter.

So far i have only tried Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange and have fallen in love, the cream is thick, seriously moisturizing and smells so good that you’d want to eat it. This cream has really soothed and softened my dry skin.

I recently discovered that Well.ca carries an amazing selection of Pacifica products, we’re talking body butters, roll on perfume, solid perfume, bars of soap that look like artwork, candles, diffusers, body washes etc. All available in some of the most delicious sounding scents like; Tuscan Blood Orange,  Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, Mediterranean Fig, Malibu Lemon Blossom and many more!

Decisions, Decisions…..

Have you tried Pacifica Products before? What are your favourites?

What would you order?

You can check out the selections by clicking here and if you are a new customer you can use the code pacificadistraction at the checkout to save $10 off your first purchase of $40. (PS if you use the discount code, I will also benefit from the same discount).

The coupon is good for anything on well.ca (except for Diapers). I also want to mention that well.ca offers free shipping for any order over $25.




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