Glossybox Canada – January 2013

Glossybox is a monthly beauty box subscription that costs $21/month, inside you will find up to five “deluxe” beauty samples to try out.

Here is the description from their Facebook page –

In your GLOSSYBOX you get the best beauty products and the latest makeup trends every month, mailed directly to you. Each member of GLOSSYBOX receives a sleek GLOSSYBOX containing five specially selected luxurious samples. Whether it is a product by a luxury brand or a special new innovation – the samples range from the hottest lipsticks to the newest hair products. All your samples are specifically selected and tested by our professionals. GLOSSYBOX then lets you discover your new favourite products for your day-to-day life or for glamorous nights out.

I decided in November to give Glossybox a try, the idea of receiving a monthly gift in the mail was too tempting to pass on. Glossybox is the first beauty box that I had heard of and subscribed to. So far I find that my opinion of the box has varied from month to month. The box usually contains decent sized product samples (often full-sized). The samples come from well-known brands and most can be found in a drugstore. (A negative point to some glossies who would like to try higher end brands)

Overall I’ve been pleased with what I have received, although this month was somewhat blah in my opinion. Let me show you what i got!

photo 2

Nivea – Essential lip balm – Full Size
So I was really not that pumped about getting this – it just didn’t excite me. BUT after giving it a try I have to honest and mention that I really like it and will get a lot of use out of it. Especially with everything being so dry at this time of the year.
Estimated Value: $2.00

B. Kamins – Lip Balm (4ml/0.13 fl oz)
I was excited about trying this out, I had heard some great reviews. Unfortunately I didn’t LOVE this lip balm as much as I wanted to. The scent was OK, it felt OK on my lips, but it seemed to keep ending up in my mouth. It’s weird to describe, but i felt like it was coating my tongue and i hadn’t even licked my lips. In any case I plan on using it until its done, but i don’t see myself buying this.
Estimated Value: $6.00


B. Kamins – Maple Body Lotion (12ml/0.41 fl. oz)
I haven’t tried this one yet other than a swatch on my hand. I was really excited that this body lotion would have a light maple scent to it, this wasn’t the case. The scent is not bad or strong, but it is lightly clinical smelling. Not sure how else I would describe it.
Estimated Value: $3.00

Burts Bees – Milk and Honey body lotion. (1 fl. oz/25g)
I really like Burts Bees products so I’m excited about getting this lotion. It has a nice fresh scent to it and the sample size is not terrible.
Estimated Value: $2.00


Too Faced – Lip Injection Extreme (size ?)
This sample is so tiny that I almost missed it when I first opened my Glossybox. That being said I rarely ever  use a lip gloss to completion so this size is actually decent for me. After looking closer I think that there is a decent amount of product in the tube, and a little of this stuff goes a LONG way.

Extreme is a really good description for this product since the way it feels on your lips is EXTREME. When i first applied it, I thought that it looked pretty oh and it felt a little tingly, oooh cool. Within two minutes my the product began to deliver results, my lips weren’t so much tingly as they were burning! Five minutes later my lips had puffed up and were red (from irritation?) At one point I wanted to wipe the stuff off, but in the name of science I kept it on. I guess injections to puff up your lips would be worse, but I can’t see myself reapplying this gloss to achieve the end result of fuller lips

I just want to take a moment to note that I have tried Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in the past which is a similar product, so I was fully expecting a bit of tingling – Too Faced burned in comparison.
Estimated Value: $1.50 (hard to estimate since there is no size listed on the sample)


Wella – Brilliance Leave in mouse (190g Full Size)
This product confused me at first as it’s not really a Mouse per se, but a leave in treatment. Kind of like a spray conditioner. It’s always nice to try something new, so I’m looking forward to testing this product out. It’s full size so I will be able to get a good judge for the product.
Estimated Value: $17.99


Beauty So Clean – Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes (12 count)
I am so un-excited about these that I almost forgot to mention them in this post. These wipes are used to sanitize and clean products like lipstick, gloss, pencils etc. I guess that they would be great if you share your makeup a lot, or if you dropped your lipstick or pencil somewhere icky. Maybe useful if your lipstick cap falls off in your purse and you want to give it a more throughout cleanup than a kleenex could pull off.
Estimated Value: $3.00

So not too much variety to this box, as in summary I received three lips products (2 balms), two body lotions, and a hair product. I still find it fun to get to try seven different products in one box, even though this wasn’t an exciting box (I really love getting cosmetics), it is a practical box and I’m sure that I will use everything that was received.

So the total estimated value of this box is…. about $35.00

So what are your thoughts on this box?

If you are interested in subscribing to Glossybox please consider signing up with my referral link HERE



One thought on “Glossybox Canada – January 2013

  1. I was disappointed in this box – instead of the B. Kamins (which I didn’t really enjoy to be honest), I got the Curel hand cream (which I do like, but I still have half a tube from November!). I was pleasantly surprised by the Nivea lip balm too, it’s one that I’m sure I will repurchase. I’ve had really dry lips lately and it seems to be doing a better job than anything else I own.

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