Lip Factory Inc. Subscription box – Jan ’13


I am so excited to share this review on one of my new favorite subsciption boxes – Lip Factory Inc.

After drooling over Cindy’s reviews of her previous Lip Factory boxes (check out her blog here) I decided that I just had to go for it and give it a try myself. January marks my first box from the company and it didn’t disappoint!

This Beauty box runs at $22/month (shipping included) to the US and Canada – I should mention that I purchased this box myself.

This is the description on the box per

Lip Factory Inc is an exclusive, affordable, makeup subscription service.
We provide the easiest and most economical way to explore the makeup brands that you have always wanted to try.
New brands and color palettes are delivered to your door each month.

Now onto what I received –
First thing that i saw upon opening the box were two glossy cards, one welcoming me to Lip Factory, and the second describing the theme for this month – Eyebrows!
Look at all those shiny new products – I’m still amazed at just how much stuff Lip Factory is able to cram into their pretty little beauty box!
Ok so I don’t find eyebrows all that exciting, in the past I haven’t really focussed on anything beyond eyebrow shaping (i.e. plucking) in my beauty routine. That being said I’m actually looking forward to trying my new NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. I also want to make mention that I am very impressed with the colour that I received. It’s nice to know that Lip Factory reviews the beauty profiles that we fill out.
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn – Estimated Value $6
Next I was drawn to the two lip glosses that were included in our boxes. First up was Two Lips gloss in Brown Sugar. Its gorgeous, it goes on smooth and not sticky. The gloss is a little shear and has a beautiful shimmer to it. It’s definitely one of my new favourites!
Two Lips Gloss – Estimated Value $6.50
The second gloss was a frosty pink colour named – Shiver by Senna. This gloss is thicker than the one by Two Lips, has a light sweet smell and has a decent staying power.
Senna Lip pics Lacquer – Estimated Value $8
Swatches of Senna in Shiver and Two Lips in Brown Sugar against my pale pale skin 🙂
My new love, Cult Nails! This was my most favourite product this month! I received Charlatan by Cult Nails. It’s a beautiful top coat filled with tons of multi-chromatic shimmer, resulting in super shimmery multi coloured finish that changes with the lighting. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Estimated Value $12
Here’s the rest of the box – let’s just say that my camera died before I could photograph everything up close 🙂
Naked Advanced Skin Care Cream – Estimated Value $10
I was really excited to try this “face & body” cream, the ingredients look great. It’s full of natural ingredients and is made primarily of Aloe rather than water – very cool. I tried mine on my face as a night cream and loved the results. One problem though – the scent was strong, so strong that I think mine may have gone off. I contacted Lip Factory about this and they will be sending me a replacement. Yay for great customer service.
ELF Eyebrow Stencil kit – Estimated Value $1
Looks like a fool-proof way to fill in your eyebrows to the right shape. Not a bad idea for someone like me who is eyebrow clueless!
Onsen Cosmetics Pure-A-Peel – Estimated Value ?
I think that this was an extra, there was no sizing info so i can’t guess the approx. value. The sample was quite small, it seemed like only a fourth of the tube was full. The first time i tried it I was very confused and wasn’t sure if this was a face wash or mask type product. As it turns out it is more like a mask that you apply after cleansing, wait ten minutes then rub is circular motions and rinse off. Once I got it right I really enjoyed using this. I only wish that the sample tube had been more full.
Also included –
A brow brush, basically a bigger version of what came with our NYX Eyebrow Cake
Two Dermilogica sample packets (a sheer tint moisturizer and a special cleansing gel)
Two packets of Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes – to sanitize Makeup (ex: a lipstick)

WOW so the approximate value of this box was about 45 dollars, not bad! All in all I am so very pleased with this beauty box and even more pleased with the customer service. It was a fun way to treat myself to some new beauty products.

Interested in Signing up? Check it out here, and please consider using my referral code: 27507




2 thoughts on “Lip Factory Inc. Subscription box – Jan ’13

  1. I was so happy with this box too! It was my first and surely not my last… The products really seem to be carefully picked out and they must have the best customer service of any beauty box by far!

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